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                          A Brief History of the
​                  Women's Missionary Society  
    ​of the ​​African Methodist Episcopal Church

In1816 the African Methodist Episcopal Church was organized under the leadership of Richard Allen. The first missionary activities with the women began with the organizing of the Dorcas Society by Richard Allen in 1824. They worked together caring for the ministers who were helping to establish the A. M. E. Church.

Welcome to the official website of the Midwest Conference Women's Missionary Society.

"Richard Allen"

Founding Father of the Oldest Organized Black Church in the Free World!

Remembering Our History

* Embracing Our Culture * Remembering Our Own

“God Our Father, Christ Our Redeemer, the Holy Spirit Our Comforter, Humankind Our Family.”​​
Connectional WMS Initiative

 "I am Woman"​
Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment​

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